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Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme

Guaranteed Rental Income 52 weeks a year! No Catch!!

Step 1 - Valuation

One of Abode's letting specialists will visit your property. Providing your property meets our criteria then Abode will offer you a set amount of rent for a 12 month period. This offer is usually equal to or more than the net rent, you would receive through the traditional letting / management system.

The rent will be paid to you whether the property is empty or not, whether the tenant pays or does not and even if we have to evict the tenant.

You have no fees to pay - Let us Pay you the Rent!

Step 2 - Sign-up

Once you are signed up to our Guaranteed Rent Scheme and the property is vacant and ready to rent. We will start the contract as soon as the tenant moves in. If Abode has not secured a tenant within 20 days - then we guarantee to start your 12 month contract on the 21st day.

Abode is now your Tenant!

Abode take on all the responsibilities relating to your property. Should the tenant not pay and a court order is required for eviction, we pay all the legal costs incurred.

During the term of the contract, should any maintenance be required i.e. faulty boiler etc. Abode will advise the landlord in case you want to attend / organise this yourself. If not then Abode will make the arrangements on your behalf and deduct the cost from your next months rent.

Step 3 - Renew and keep the rent coming in!

Approximately 10 weeks before the contract expires we will write to you and offer you a new contract for a further 12 months.

If you do not wish to renew - no problem. Just advise us and we will hand the property back in the same condition we received it (fair wear and tear accepted).